“Digital Sunrise” is released

After two years in the making my new album “Digital Sunrise” is released today.

It is the result of two years of work and experimenting with different styles in instrumental music.

My studies took me from the early electronic sounds of the ’70s to the House beats of the early ’90s to the more recent emergence of the post-classical music coming out of Northern Europe.

You can buy and listen to the album in my Bandcamp store.

Hope you enjoy it.

Daniel Soffner.


Digital Sunrise

My new album “Pheonox” is released

After more than a year in the making my new album “Pheonox” with a new collection of ambient tracks was released this weekend.

The inspiration for the tracks came from a variety of sources – modern dance, films and soundtracks, theatre plays and ethnic music – that create a blended soundtrack accompanying our daily lives.

Listen to the album in our Bandcamp store.
There you can also download two tracks – “Illuminated” and “Heliocentric” – for free or buy the complete album.



“Heliocentric” – download the first track from my new album for free

Currently I am finishing up my new album “Pheonox” which will be released in April 2013. It contains a collection of eight ambient tracks I have been working on over the last year.

Feel free to download my first track “Heliocentric” for free from my online store:


Or listen to the track on my blog’s Music Player.

Winter 2012: new songs, a dance and a new film project

Lots of activities happening this winter. I am close to finishing three new songs that I will be posting soon. Just finalising the melody and the lyrics for:

  • Hurricane
  • Black Feather
  • Emerald Sun

Also I am working with a new group of artists on a dance project for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. It is a group of very inspiring and dedicated artists and I am looking forward to working with them. Check out their website:


And I am back to working on film music. Together with a very talented film maker from Brazil I am working on the music for a documentation. Watch this space…


My next track is called “Overload”, a dark instrumental that could be used over the end credits of a movie. I sampled the beat from Led Zeppelin’s classic “When The Levee Breaks” – the synthesizers are a mix of different sequencers from the 80s that fit pretty well with the core beat. The voices are taken from the air traffic communications of a major airport overseas. You can listen to the track in the music player on the right – enjoy !