First post

The first post – usually an introduction into what a blog is all about.

When I was a student I had a dream: I wanted to build a music studio in a house on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Why the Outer Banks ? It was a place that I visited many times during my studies and that I always felt to be inspiring and beautiful.

My idea was to live in that house, compose and record music and share it with whoever was interested in it.

Now I am taking a small step towards that idea and set up a small music studio in my study that will hopefully grow into something bigger. As of now, I am just starting with a keyboard, a guitar, a microphone and some software with sounds and instruments.

Why the name “Mash Waves Music” ? Going back in time again: when I was in high school I ran a school newspaper with some friends that we called “MASH”. Writing articles and running that newspaper was a probably the most creative experience in my life so far. Back then, I also thought: “If I ever decided to form a band, I would call it MASH.” So I also associated this name with creativity – either in writing or in music.

I will use this blog to document my progress on whatever music I will be producing, to share my ideas, results, any progress, but also backlashes- whatever comes to mind.

Enjoy !

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