“Luck Of The Draw” – first take

Spent all afternoon today working on the first of the two tracks on my list – “Luck Of The Draw” and “Ghost In The Machine”.

“Luck Of The Draw” will be a fairly laid back song with a jazzy rhythm and lots of piano. I started out with the basic idea of what it would sound like and spent a couple of hours on outlining the basic rhythm using a Jazz drum kit. For an interlude without drums I found a Chinese gong that perfectly fit into the song.

I recorded the basic piano and bass track and included a layer of the obligatory strings – not too intrusive however, slowly building up initially and then getting more velocity in the 3rd and 4th verse. I decided to not use a chorus in the song – no idea why, but I thought an instrumental interlude between two verses would be better.

The last step was to mix the electric guitar into the song – very simple, just repeating the chords with an exotic Wah-Wah sound. I will definitely have to re-record that part since I still need to get my head around finding the right balance in recording guitars.

I am happy with the result – the next step will be to finalise the basic track and then add one or two more layers on top with other instruments. A Spanish guitar would fit in nicely, but I do not want to overload the song…yet. And, of course, I should start working on the melody and the lyrics – for me personally the least interesting aspects of a song.

By the way, the 2nd song I will record will sound completely different to the first one. “Ghost In The Machine” will be all electronic. I am still under the influence of the sensational soundtrack Daft Punk created for the movie “Tron: Legacy” and, yes, the song will definitely borrow from that work of art…

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